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EA Sports unveils its top 50 college basketball players of all-time

I can think of absolutely nothing to write about, so I thought I'd share with you the worst sports list ever concocted. You could take the rosters of every college basketball team in history, post them up on a giant wall, throw 50 darts at that wall, and the names and the list you'd come up with would undoubtedly be better than what you're about to see.

Top 50 College Basketball Players of All-Time

  1. Michael Jordan, North Carolina
  2. Kevin Durant, Texas
  3. Magic Johnson, Michigan State
  4. Clyde Drexler, Houston
  5. Larry Bird, Indiana State
  6. Steve Nash, Santa Clara
  7. Kenny Anderson, Georgia Tech
  8. Chris Bosh, Georgia Tech
  9. Richard Hamilton, Connecticut
  10. Jamal Mashburn, Kentucky
  11. Jason Terry, Arizona
  12. Reggie Williams, Georgetown
  13. Ray Allen, Connecticut
  14. Carmelo Anthony, Syracuse
  15. Butch Beard, Louisville
  16. Travis Best, Georgia Tech
  17. Mike Bibby, Arizona
  18. Junior Bridgeman, Louisville
  19. Caron Butler, Connecticut
  20. Mike Dunleavy, Duke
  21. Ben Gordon, Connecticut
  22. Chris Jackson, LSU
  23. Kevin Jackson, California
  24. Jason Kidd, California
  25. Jason Williams, Duke
  26. Randy Livingston, LSU
  27. Kenyon Martin, Cincinnati
  28. Rashad McCants, North Carolina
  29. Laron Profit, Maryland
  30. Oscar Robertson, Cincinnati
  31. Jerry Stackhouse, North Carolina
  32. Charlie Tyra, Louisville
  33. John Wallace, Syracuse
  34. Derek Anderson, Kentucky
  35. Keith Bogans, Kentucky
  36. Sean Elliott, Arizona
  37. Brian Evans, Indiana
  38. Art Heyman, Duke
  39. Larry Johnson, UNLV
  40. DeMarr Johnson, Cincinnati
  41. Pete Maravich, LSU
  42. Stephon Marbury, Georgia Tech
  43. Ron Mercer, Kentucky
  44. Andrew Miller, Utah
  45. Chris Mills, Arizona
  46. Joakim Noah, Florida
  47. Ed O'Bannon, UCLA
  48. Glen Rice, Michigan
  49. Cliff Robertson, Connecticut
  50. Dennis Scott, Georgia Tech
So a grand total of three of the best 20 college basketball players of all-time won the Wooden Award? No Russell, no Walton, no Griff, no Alcindor? Brian Evans, Mike Dunleavy, KEITH BOGANS???

Oy vey.