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BlogPoll Ballot: Week 8


Rank Team Delta
1 LSU 1
2 California 1
3 Ohio State 2
4 South Florida --
5 Boston College 3
6 Missouri 8
7 Cincinnati 3
8 South Carolina 4
9 Oregon --
10 Oklahoma 1
11 Arizona State 5
12 West Virginia 5
13 Kansas 12
14 Illinois 10
15 Florida 2
16 Kentucky 10
17 Virginia Tech 9
18 Southern Cal 15
19 Florida State 4
20 Indiana 6
21 Auburn 5
22 Tennessee 4
23 Wisconsin 16
24 Virginia 2
25 Hawaii 1

Dropped Out: Georgia (#15), Purdue (#18), Kansas State (#19), Clemson (#20), Miami (Florida) (#21), Texas (#22).

Half-baked reasonings:

1. LSU: Best college football game I believe I've seen in two years.

2. California: Look, we knew if LSU won this was probably going to be the result. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

3. Ohio State: Can the most mediocre Ohio State team in some time actually play for the national title?

4. South Florida: They can beat bad teams by small margins all they want and it won't change what they did against WVU and Auburn.

5. Boston College: Payback for '93 on the horizon?

6. Missouri: God this year is messed up.

7. Cincinnati: The lack of respect given to the Bearcats by voters and odds-makers is still mind-blowing.

8. South Carolina: I actually watched a South Carolina game from beginning to end this week, and if this team is ranked in the top ten at the end of the season then something is horribly, horribly wrong with the world.

9. Oregon: Dennis Dixon stars in: "I Get Bye."

10. Oklahoma: Not going to lose again this year.

11. Arizona State: Washington might be walking into a buzzsaw as they have the misfortune of coming to town on "Family Weekend/Champions Weekend."

12. West Virginia: From here on out fans will spend Saturday cheering for the 'eers and whomever is playing South Florida.

13. Kansas: If they get to 9-0 then I am so on this bandwagon it's not funny. I've said it for years, but I'll say it again: I love fat coaches.

14. Illinois: I'm sort of cheering for Illinois in the same way you cheer for your ugliest friend to get the really hot girl, even though it pisses one of your better looking friends off. You don't really care if he actually gets the girl or not, you just think it's hilarious that your buddy's getting pissed off and you want it to continue.

15. Florida: Speaking of which.

16. Kentucky: Son of a bitch.

17. Virginia Tech: Still pretty confident that they suck. Clemson would get blown out by Doss High School the week after its first loss.

18. USC: We may have just witnessed the official end of the USC run.

19. Florida State: Georgia got the "me thinks they may not be here next week" treatment last week, FSU gets it today.

20. Indiana: Get up Kellen Lewis, get way up.

21. Auburn: Mississippi State loss still happened.

22. Tennessee: The Vols actually have a somewhat realistic shot at winning out.

23. Wisconsin: It's OK, we knew.

24. Virginia: No idea what to write here.

25. Hawaii: I hate myself for putting them in over Connecticut, but the Huskies actually lost to Temple for Christ's sake. I didn't have a choice.