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Steve Kragthorpe speaks, still manages to say nothing

Brian Bennett sat down for a candid interview with embattled Louisville football coach Steve Kragthorpe on Sunday, and what transpired was every bit as underwhelming as you'd expect it to be.

Bennett was appropriately tough, and should be commended for trying, but over the course of a 13-question interview Scott McClellan Kragthorpe pretty much managed to say nothing more than that the defense against Utah was bad.

You can read the full interview here, but if you only want the ultra-sexy highlights then I've got you covered.

Q: Obviously this is a tough time right now. Do you worry about the players' spirits, and what kinds of things will you say to them to make sure you don't lose them?

A: We're constantly talking about coming out and being a better football team. I know our guys want to do that, and we'll come back out tomorrow and continue to work.

Q: Do you feel like the coaching in general is getting through to the players? Because there do seem to be several recurring problems.

A: We've got to do a better job of not making mistakes, and if we make mistakes we've got to get them corrected to where we don't make them again.

Q: Could you be any more specific about how you can ...

A: No, that's my statement

Q: So was it Utah snapping the ball quickly then that had defensive players not lined up in time?

A: They did some of that. And they did some motions and shiftings, and we didn't adjust properly

Q: That seems to be a recurring problem, or at least players have said similar things most of the year. Have you seen any improvement in that area, or is this just a season-long problem?

A: I've seen some improvement in it, but we're not consistent. We've got to be consistent on defense to be a good football team. We're not consistent on offense and special teams either. Right now we're not playing consistently.

Chris Hansen couldn't get a decent quote out of this guy.