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Relax everybody, everything's all right

Turns out we're not the biggest upset victims in the history of college football point spread-wise.

This really is the most awesomely ass-backwards college football season of all-time, and I'm loving every second...except for, you know, all the seconds when Louisville's playing. I'm convinced that a two-loss SEC team is going to play an undefeated South Florida in the mythical national championship game.

U of L will always be my wife, but BCS chaos has been my mistress for nine years now. If we're really going to have this inexplicably ridiculous system then I want absolute bedlam, and am willing to cheer for just about anyone to make it happen (see Florida last night).

And it's not just the BCS that's beautifully screwed up at the moment, I mean who the hell is going to win the Heisman? Is Colt Brennan going to win this thing by default?

Maybe that's our problem. Maybe this team is actually unbelievable and it's the year that has issues. Maybe Kragthorpe is actually the best hire since sliced bread (oh it makes sense), and will prove it to all of us by 2008.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to play 18 with Brad Pitt and Jesus, and then it's down to Nashville to start at center for the Titans.