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Kragthorpe suspends Stripling for one game

It's like there's a giant wheel in the locker room and if it lands on your name during the "pre-practice spin" you get suspended.

There were rumblings about this yesterday, and today Steve Kragthorpe confirmed that running back George Stripling has been suspended for the Utah game. No specific reason for the suspension was given.

Oh my God kids.

I'd say this opens the door for Bilal Powell but Lord knows what his deal is at this point. Also, there's still no word on the status of the injured Sergio Spencer so there's no way of knowing if this means additional field time for him.

We could dress Papa John and get him at least three second half carries and I wouldn't be all that surprised anymore. I'd just shrug my shoulders and be like "Papa John up the middle for two yards? Why are we running on third and long."