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It's nowhere near funny anymore

Last night marked one of the lowest points in my relatively short but celebrated life as a U of L fan.

I'm no longer sad, I'm not disappointed, and I'm not overly pessimistic about the rest of the season anymore; I am completely and utterly furious.

I'm mad at Charlie Stubbs, who continues to show that he is the worst play caller this side of my deceased great great grandmother. I'm mad at the Big East officiating crew that botched a call worse than I've ever seen during a Louisville football game, and completely shifted the momentum of the contest. And I'm mad at Steve Kragthorpe, a man who - there's no reason to beat around the bush anymore - I have absolutely zero confidence in as a head coach.

This can't be saved anymore. The most anticipated season in the history of Louisville football is officially a complete abomination.

I don't really have anything else to say at the moment besides GIVE BILAL POWELL THE FUCKING BALL.