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BlogPoll Ballot: Week 5


Rank Team Delta
1 California 5
2 LSU --
3 Southern Cal 2
4 South Florida 12
5 Ohio State 2
6 Kentucky 6
7 Wisconsin 7
8 Boston College --
9 Oregon --
10 Cincinnati 3
11 Oklahoma 8
12 South Carolina 5
13 Florida 8
14 Missouri 5
15 Georgia 3
16 Arizona State 4
17 West Virginia 13
18 Purdue 4
19 Kansas State 7
20 Clemson 5
21 Miami (Florida) 2
22 Texas 12
23 Florida State 3
24 Illinois 2
25 Kansas --

Dropped Out: Rutgers (#11), Alabama (#21), Penn State (#24).

1. California: The only top ten team that bothered to show up this past week, the Bears (Golden?) easily have the best resume of the current big three.

2. LSU: Any team with a pulse beats them on Saturday, and this Perrilloux/Flynn situation is a disaster waiting to happen.

3. USC: The "best team in the history of college football" doesn't let that Washington squad play them anywhere near close.

4. South Florida: If we had their defense we'd be awesome.

5. Ohio State: The completely undeserved top five ranking has come about two weeks earlier than I'd expected.

6. Kentucky: Christ.

7. Wisconsin: The Badgers could have the clown from It playing middle linebacker and I still wouldn't find them the least bit intimidating.

8. Boston College: Those Minutemen, um, they'll get ya.

9. Oregon: Dennis Dixon stars in "Blowing the Sure Score."

10. Cincinnati: Dude, they're good, seriously.

11. Oklahoma: The thing I was most impressed with when watching the end of that game was that I didn't see anyone fall while making their way down that slope onto the field.

12. South Carolina: Insert Smelley joke you know is awful but still can't help but laugh at here.

13. Florida: Those home revenge games are always really hard to get up for.

14. Missouri: If you said Brad Smith was still the quarterback of the Tigers, you'd be...well I'm not sure what you'd be because I don't think he's still there but I'm not 100% positive...No dude, Chase Daniel goes to Iowa State...positive.

15. Georgia: Me thinks they may not be here this time next week.

16. Arizona State: I'm not saying they aren't, but I've never heard so many people say a team is "for real" in the wake of blowing out a team as awful as Stanford.

17. West Virginia: I think it's safe to say that Friday night was the last time we'll ever see that Big East Heisman Trophy commercial.

18. Purdue: They really don't belong this high, but who the hell else am I going to put here, Kansas State?

19. Kansas State: Sorry.

20. Clemson: It's OK, no one was surprised.

21. Miami: That Oklahoma score not so easy to overlook anymore.

22. Texas: Rounding out the UF, WVU, UT revenge game 0-for.

23. Florida State: I could have watched the second half, but when I've seen that a game is scoreless at the break, I tend to avoid it all costs on basic principle.

24. Illinois: Zooking to the BCS?

25. Kansas: 4-0 by a combined score of 212-23, I don't care who you're beating (SE Louisiana, Central Michigan, Toledo and Florida International), that's damned impressive.