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Big East power rankings

Two of the teams in the league haven't even played their first conference game, and already the Big East is as jumbled as it's been since we joined two years ago. With that in mind, I thought a power poll would be a good topic for discussion, so here's mine and you can go ahead and post yours/make fun of Tom Arnold (because he deserves it) in the comments section.

1. South Florida (4-0, 1-0)

Last Week: Beat West Virginia 21-13

This Week: At Florida Atlantic

The speed of their secondary players, the skill of Tyrone McKenzie and Ben Moffitt, and the absolute beast that is George Selvie shut down a West Virginia offense that didn't look capable of being held under 30 before Friday night. There's going to be at least one game where their defense blows a coverage or their special teams makes a couple of mistakes and they'll need their offense to bail them out, whether or not Grothe and company can do the job could be the deciding factor in the race for the conference crown.

2. West Virginia (5-1, 0-1)

Last Week: Lost to South Florida 21-13

This Week: At Syracuse

The only team in the league that can stop them stopped them, which would have been OK if they hadn't also turned the ball over 76 times (I counted). Not having Pat White didn't exactly help either. Rich Rodriguez better get the gang fired up because I hear Syracuse feasts on teams that are coming off of crushing defeats in big games (sigh).

3. Cincinnati (5-0, 0-0)

Last Week: Beat San Diego State 52-23

This Week: At Rutgers

I'd say Ben Mauk's shoulder is fine, which is a good thing as the Bearcats prepare for the first in what could be a string of the biggest games they've played in quite some time. Saturday's game in Piscataway may be the largest showcase of hitting you'll see in the Big East all year.

4. Rutgers (3-1, 0-0)

Last Week: Lost to Maryland 34-24

This Week: vs. Cincinnati

I expected a bit of a let down against Maryland, but I never thought RU would actually lose to the Terps at home. The Cincinnati game now becomes enormous for the rest of their season.

5. Louisville (3-2, 0-1)

Last Week: Beat NC State 29-10

This Week: vs. Utah

What sucks for the rest of the conference is that Louisville can go out and lose their next three or four and still be every bit as dangerous come November because of their offensive weapons. Or their defense can click sometime over the next three or four weeks and the team will instantly become a major factor in the conference race come November.

6. Connecticut (5-0, 1-0)

Last Week: Beat Akron 44-10

This Week: Off

The Husky honeymoon is over as Uconn gets Virginia, Louisville, South Florida, Rutgers and Cincinnati after their one week of vacation.

7. Pittsburgh (2-3, 0-1)

Last Week: Lost to Virginia 44-14

This Week: Off

If any sort of turnaround is going to happen then it needs to start during this week off and then against Navy in two Saturdays.

8. Syracuse (1-4, 1-0)

Last Week: Lost to Miami of Ohio 17-14

This Week: vs. West Virginia

I'd like to thank the Louisville football team for making me feel like I even have to justify this one, which I will do by saying this: come on. We all saw them beat Louisville, and I think Cardinal fans have finally come to terms with that, but does anyone honestly think Syracuse is going to win another league game? Cincinnati beat Miami by 37 for Christ's sake. If they come out and throttle WVU this weekend, a full apology will be issued.