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Game Day: Louisville at Connecticut

LOUISVILLE (4-3, 1-1) AT CONNECTICUT (5-1, 1-0)

Game Time: 8:00 p.m.

Television: ESPN

Location: Rentschler Field: East Hartford, CT

Favorite: Louisville by 3

All-Time Series: Louisville leads 3-0

Last Meeting: Louisville won 48-17 at home last season.

Anxiety Level: 6.5. I'm still unable to convince myself that this team can reel off five in a row, but I'd love to go into November 6-3 and with a shot. I think a lot of people are writing this game off because Connecticut hasn't been very good since U of L joined the Big East, and because their schedule has been so light so far this season. I think this is a mistake considering the way we've played against the teams on our schedule, and the way they've played against the teams on their schedule. This is a game we could very easily lose, and if that happens, then there's no question whether or not it's officially basketball season anymore.

Game Attire: I'm going to be dressed up at the race track for most of the day, but the red long-sleeved shirt with "Louisville Cardinals" across the chest in white (and "Cardinals" down the left sleeve of course) will be on once 8 o'clock rolls around. This is the first time the same article of clothing has made consecutive starts. Get excited.

Pre-Game Meal: Probably something gross, I'm going to be inebriated and desperate...which is also the plan's too easy, I'm not saying it.

Bilal Powell Playing (at RB) Alert Level: Sepia (extremely low)

Three Things to Know About Connecticut:

I didn't preview the UC game, because I thought it was pointless. I didn't preview the Uconn game because I didn't preview the UC game and we won. Still, you deserve something, so here it is.

  1. It's easy to say that Uconn's defensive numbers (No. 3 in scoring defense, No. 6 in total defense) are misleading because of the teams they've played, but guys like linebacker Danny Lansanah and cornerback Darius Butler are proven commodities in the Big East, and are two of the best in the league at their positions. Redshirt freshman linebacker Lawrence Wilson and safety Danah Deleston have also been standouts through six games, but it will be interesting to see how they fare against an offense as potent as Louisville's.
  2. Despite going up against Heisman Trophy candidate Andre Woodson and efficiency king Ben Mauk, Steve Kragthorpe said this week that Tyler Lorenzen is the best quarterback the Cards will have faced so far this season. While this statement is just a bit over-the-top, Lorenzen is a considerable step-up from D.J. Hernandez, who is now playing wide receiver for the Huskies. He's left-handed, fairly mobile, and has a very strong arm which should be cause for concern if you're a Louisville defensive back.
  3. The surprise of the season for Connecticut has been the lack of production from sophomore running back Donald Brown who went ballistic in the second half of his freshman year, including a 122 yard performance inside PJCS. He's yet to breach the 100-yard mark this year, and has been dealing with a sprained ankle he suffered on Sept. 29 against Akron. Head coach Randy Edsall said this week that Brown will play against Louisville, but will not start. The man who will start is fellow sophomore Andre Dixon, who rushed for 129 yards against Temple, and 116 against Akron.
Predicted Star of the Game: Preston Smith

Preston played what was easily his best game of the season last week, so I'm hopeful he'll continue to emerge in the year's latter half.

Poll Results:

Short week for this one.

"Will Brian Brohm be one of the finalists invited to New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation?"

  1. Yes: 102 votes (70%)
  2. No: 44 votes (30%)
Notable and Quotable:

--Brian Brohm has thrown for over 300 yards in eight of his last nine games, and Harry Douglas has had at least 100 yards receiving in seven straight games.

--Connecticut is holding opponents to just 12 ppg, and 98 yards through the air.

--"As long as he doesn't have time, he can't be as good as he is. We've got to get him rattled. We've got to get some hits on him and knock him off his game a little bit." --Uconn CB Darius Butler

--"We have a chip on our shoulder. That's how we have to play. We enjoy the challenge of going into a hostile environment. That's exactly what that is. We would have it no other way." --Earl Heyman

--"To drop three games makes you question yourself and what might you have done better, or might have done wrong. This conference is still open and we can still win it." --Pat Carter

CC Prediction: Louisville 28, Connecticut 24

Same score, same smile.

Don't look now folks, but we're a win away from being tied for first in the conference.