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South Florida at Rutgers

South Florida is undefeated with a win over a perennial national powerhouse and a top five West Virginia team. The current BCS rankings have them in a position where they will play for the national title if they win out, and their first test with their newfound national position of power is a Thursday night road game at a dangerous Rutgers team.

Flashbacks...Rice...Spillman...offsides...kicker pointing...field storming...tears...TEARS...TEARS!!!

Realistically, Louisville's only shot at winning the conference is to win out, so the outcome of tonight's game really has no baring on the Cards. But aside from wanting to exercise some demons, I think it's wise to pull for the Bulls tonight because: 1) It will keep alive the possibility that we could play the number one team in the country in Novemeber, which would be cool and 2) USF is the only team in the Big East with a legitimate chance at playing for a national title, and if Louisville doesn't defend its league title then we should all hope it's an undefeated South Florida squad that takes it home.

Also, Greg Schiano is kind of a dick.

Go Bulls.