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Injury Report for Uconn

Just a note: Johnny Patrick was the only "probable" who didn't see the field last week, while none of the "questionables" played at all.


Mario Urrutia, WR
Brock Bolen, RB
Harry Douglas, WR
Johnny Patrick, CB
Maurice Mitchell, DE


Mike Donoghue, G
Rodney Gnat, DE
Adrian Grady, DT

Not good to see Donoghue out (for all intents and purposes) on a week where we're going up against such a formidable defense. It'll be interesting to see who gets the start at right guard. Abdul Kuyateh is listed as the backup, but Jeff Adams or one of the two true freshmen could get the call.

It also looks like we're going to see Earl Heyman stay at tackle with Adrian Grady still out. Bummer.