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BlogPoll Ballot: Week 9


Rank Team Delta
1 South Florida 3
2 Ohio State 1
3 Boston College 2
4 Arizona State 7
5 Oklahoma 5
6 California 4
7 Oregon 2
8 LSU 7
9 Kentucky 7
10 Kansas 3
11 West Virginia 1
12 South Carolina 4
13 Missouri 7
14 Florida 1
15 Virginia Tech 2
16 Auburn 5
17 Cincinnati 10
18 Southern Cal --
19 Virginia 5
20 Texas 6
21 Tennessee 1
22 Texas Tech 4
23 Wake Forest 3
24 Michigan 2
25 Boise State 1

Dropped Out: Illinois (#14), Florida State (#19), Indiana (#20), Wisconsin (#23), Hawaii (#25).

Half-baked reasonings:

1. South Florida: If their uniforms said "Ohio State" on the front, is there any doubt who would be number one this week?

2. Ohio State: If recent history tells us anything, it's that the mediocre Ohio State team has a better shot at winning the national title than the uber-talented one. Good news for Buckeye fans.

3. Boston College: In a month Eagle fans will be looking back at this week as the golden days.

4. Arizona State: They catch Cal without Nate Longshore, they get a down USC at home, and Oregon has a history of second-half letdowns. Hmm.

5. Oklahoma: Is there anyone out there who doesn't think that this team is going to play for (and probably lose) the national title?

6. California: Losing Longshore just may have cost them a trip to New Orleans.

7. Oregon: Dennis Dixon stars in: "Rompin' Wazzou."

8. LSU: It's our first "who beat" triangle of the season where you inevitably end up ranking the three teams strictly based on who you think is better.

9. Kentucky: Son of a bitch.

10. Kansas: My bandwagon team is KILLING peeps. 302-57.

11. West Virginia: Sure we're 4-3, but at least we control our own destiny in the Big East race...suckas.

12. South Carolina: I'm sorry, I just don't see it. They should have lost to Kentucky, and Clay Aiken has a stronger arm than Chris Smelley.

13. Missouri: Had a real chance to keep the magic alive but someone forgot to tell them that reverses don't work above the grade school level in 2007.

14. Florida: If you guys don't handle business this Saturday then you're out and you're never getting back in.

15. Virginia Tech: Really thought Duke was going to give them a game. Really wrong.

16. Auburn: Still, Mississippi State?

17. Cincinnati: At least that Oregon State blowout is looking a lot better.

18. USC: Hey, you're not very good.

19. Virginia: Actually watched this team play on Saturday, and even I'm not sure how they're ranked this high.

20. Texas: Iowa State is the cure for any 0-4 streak in Big 12 play.

21. Tennessee: I'd despise them even more if they still had a Clausen.

22. Texas Tech: Great defense, great running game.

23. Wake Forest: The loss to BC is going to break the tie and keep them out of the ACC title game.

24. Michigan: Didn't think it was possible, and maybe it shouldn't be.

25. Boise State: I refuse to rank Hawaii again until they prove that they're better than this team on the field.