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Cards stun Indiana

This blog isn't exactly known for its soccer coverage (or, uh, known), but U of L scoring a victory over seven-time national champion Indiana definitely warrants a mention.

Before last night's 2-1 overtime victory in Cardinal Park, Louisville was 0-14 against the Hoosiers, had been shut out in the last nine meetings between the two, and had never come within two goals of knocking off IU.

The Cards trailed the No. 13 team in the country 1-0 for most of the evening before senior forward Marco Terminesi tied the game late in the 82nd minute. Then, just 2:33 seconds into the overtime, junior Aaron Clapham got free and netted the game-winner.

In high school I lived to heckle at soccer games

"The way they played, they let you have time and space in the back and sometimes you can just relax and think it's going to be an easy game," IU coach Mike Freitag said. "I give (U of L) credit. They were a better team tonight in the majority of the facets of the game."

The win also marked the first time in program history that Louisville - which defeated No. 12 South Florida on Saturday - has defeated ranked opponents in back-to-back games.

The Cards are now 7-4 and have seven games remaining before the Big East Tournament starts on Nov. 7.