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Krag scraps injury policy

The Courier-Journal reported this morning (it's hilarious how unnecessary the picture next to the story is) that Steve Kragthorpe's closed mouth injury policy is a thing of the past.

The initial brick was pulled when Kragthorpe announced the Monday after the Syracuse game that Harry Douglas and Brock Bolen would play against NC State, and today the entire wall came crashing down, leaving just a few fragments in place.

Starting with this Saturday's game against Cincinnati, U of L will issue a report the day before a contest that lists players as either "questionable" or "probable" because of injury, however, the reports will not disclose the nature of any player's injury. The change was reportedly made so that rumors wouldn't spread when a player missed a game, which makes you wonder how this coaching staff could have possibly imagined that such a thing wouldn't occur when they instituted the original policy before the season started.  

Still, better late than never, and this is a good move by Kragthorpe or whomever made the call.

No longer will rumors of Art Carmody's kinky Tuesday afternoon tryst with the Olsen twins in Vegas run rampant through the internet, when in reality he simply missed practice because of a small blister on his big toe.

I heard it happened though.

Anyway, this is good news because it should alleviate at least a small chunk of the off-the-field distractions this team is dealing with, and it will please the fans in the process.