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Kragthorpe Signs Five-Year Deal

Steve Kragthorpe and Tom Jurich have agreed on a five-year deal that will pay Kragthorpe $1.1 million a year to coach the Louisville Cardinal football team.

Kragthorpe met with his players this morning at 10:45 a.m. to give them the news, but made no public statement. The consensus among players interviewed after the meeting was that there are no hard feelings between Kragthorpe and Tulsa.

"I think it's a good decision for him," said freshman running back Dexter Taylor. "For family and himself."

"He was very thankful and expressed to us how he felt," linebacker Chris Chamberlain said. "We knew it was a hard decision and one that he had to make."

One player said Kragthorpe became emotional and "shed a few tears" while telling the team of his decision to leave.

Kragthorpe and Jurich are currently on their way back to Louisville where a press conference in the fifth floor press lounge at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium will be held sometime within the next hour. The Louisville Athletic Association Board of Directors will meet following the press conference to vote on the deal.

More info after the press conference.

UPDATE (4:14): He's officially in Louisville.

UPDATE (4:22): You can check out live streaming video of the news conference (which is about to start) on .