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Bush Declares for NFL Draft

There's no way to know for sure, but it sure sounds like Michael Bush would have been making a push for the Heisman Trophy in 2007 if Bobby Petrino had stayed in the Derby City.

"When coach Petrino signed that deal, I didn't really want to play with nobody else," he said at a press conference earlier today.

As it is Bush will take his chances in the NFL Draft, despite numerous reports saying that his injured right leg has not healed as well as it should have. He still walks with a limp and his leg appeared visibly swollen as he participated in light workouts during Orange Bowl week.

Bush leaving is a bigger blow to Louisville's 2007 national championship aspirations than a Brian Brohm departure would be, not necessarily because he's more talented, but because Hunter Cantwell is such an able successor. The running back situation is far from dire, but a bit less stable.

Kolby Smith is gone, Anthony Allen was used primarily around the goalline or in short yardage situations, George Stripling didn't run like the same guy after Petrino sat him out against WVU because of his fumbling issues, and Sergio Spencer saw very little time after breaking his ankle against Temple. Louisville did sign four-star running back Dale Martin from Illinois last week, but of course it's impossible to know whether or not he might be able to contribute immediately at this time.

Bush has been a Louisville legend for quite some time now, and it's a shame that his college career had to end the way it did. Still, once he gets back to full speed he's going to make a hell of a pro back and I think I speak for all Louisville fans in saying it will be a pleasure to watch him in the league.

Best of luck Mike.