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Open Thread: Ohio State vs. Florida

Try hard not to think about what could have been tonight boys and girls. (Happy Gilmore voice) God damnit, I hate that Greg Schiano.

Could this be the most irrelevant Mythical National Chamoionship game since the inception of the BCS? I think so.

The moment those 11 defenders wearing crimson and cream bit on Jared Zabransky's phantom screen pass to the right, the 2006 college football season immediately became known as the Boise State year.

If the Bucks win, it means they've just capped off a wire-to-wire run by beating a team that may or may not have been worthy of being their final opponent. If Florida wins, well then they have a trophy but are still one of multiple teams with a single loss, and there will still be one undefeated team out there.

Florida/Ohio State is a worst case scenario for me in that these are probably my two least favorite college football programs in America (Both pale in comparison to my hatred for Paraguay's Jackson University Bobcats). I suppose I'll root for Ohio State and a high scoring game since a Bucks win coupled with a total score of more than 52 points would allow me to claim victory in my own bowl challenge for the first time ever, but the prospects of being able to vote Boise State #1 if the Gators prevail is almost worth settling for second place.

Whatever the case enjoy college football tonight, because when the sun comes up tomorrow morning it means we've got eight months to wait.