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Open Thread: Louisville vs. Syracuse

Apologies for the lack of pregame stuff, especially considering how ginormous this one is. Lunardi says this is Louisville's chance to prove itself, and that with a win the Cards are in the field of 65 for the time being.

Not a game in which I think we match up particularly well, and in the spirit of full discretion, not a game that I see us winning.

The insufferable Eric Devendorf is playing awfully well, and Demetris Nichols is capable of scoring 30 points whenever he steps out on the floor. If either one of those two get going early we'll be in bad shape.

For us, shooting 30% isn't going to cut it tonight. Syracuse won't come out of the zone all night, and if someone like Jerry, Edgar, BJ or T-will doesn't go on one of their streaks from the outside, the game will be over before it even started.

It feels great to be so excited for basketball in late January again. Let's get this fellas.