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"White Out" Reminder

Just a reminder to everyone headed to the game tonight that you are going to be killed if you don't encouraged to wear white so you can help aid in the effort to "white out" Freedom Hall.

If "whiting out" Freedom Hall isn't motivation enough, then just know that if you don't follow suit everyone is going to stare at you and it's going to take away from your game enjoyment. If you're not wearing white, everyone around you is going to be 50 times more critical of every word that comes out of your mouth, and if we're losing, one of them is going to call you out and everyone else is going to back them because they'll know that he or she is the better fan.

I'm not really sure why I'm even doing this since we all know that there are going to be several completely clueless people who wear their bright red sweaters, and that those people are going to be the ones who sit right next to the court and are on camera for 92% of the game. To these people, thank you in advance for disgracing the basketball program, the university and yourselves. By the way you totally deserve your seats.

Also if you're thinking about being one of those hilarious jokesters who wears green or purple or something like that, don't, because I'll kick your ass. I didn't take kindly to those that didn't have Starter jackets when I was younger, and I'll go third grade all over anyone that isn't wearing white tonight.

True story, I beat up this puppy

You believed your preschool teacher when they gave that "everyone's unique and special" propoganda talk when you were younger, the one that led to your self-described "non-conformist" attitude of present that enables you to defend wearing that disgusting top that you state is an accurate outward portrayal of your inner self, when in reality if you truly held dear the convictions you claim to, you'd still be wearing tight denim jeans, flannel shirts and ball hugging Umbros.

Wear white or feel the pain.