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If Bobby Petrino Gives You Career Advice, You Should Probably Do The Opposite

And it begins.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was discovered at Miami International Airport allegedly carrying a water bottle with a hidden compartment, Miami's reported Wednesday.

Vick was going through the Concourse G screening point to board an AirTran flight when officials said he was reluctant to give up his bottle of water.

Airport officials said that it was a 20 oz. Aquafina bottle and the bottle's label concealed a seam, which separated the top and the bottom of the bottle.

Both ends were sealed by clear partitions and what appeared to be a silicone sealant, TSA supervisors said.

The concealed compartment contained a small amount of a dark particulate and officials described a pungent aroma they closely associated with marijuana.

Officials said that the lower half of the bottle was almost completely full of a clear liquid and the top half contained a small amount of that same clear liquid.

TSA officials said that when the bottle was held upright, it appeared to be half full of water.

A TSA screener identified the man who was reluctant to give up the bottle as Vick.

Miami-Dade police have received flight reservation confirmation that Vick was on an AirTran flight No. 338 Wednesday to Atlanta.

Vick has not been arrested and the substance found inside the bottle is being analyzed at a Miami-Dade Police Department lab.

Is there any way that this doesn't end with Petrino slapping himself during a postgame press conference?