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Louisville/Marquette Open Thread

So I had planned on giving this whole spiel about how Marquette has officially overtaken Memphis and Cincinnati as Louisville's second biggest rival, but due to unforseen time contraints I'm going to have to give you the heavily abridged version. See if you can follow along.

Nate Johnson, no goaltending, Bryan Wardle, Mike Deane, middle finger, Aaron Hutchins, Dwayne Wade, C-USA Tournament, Travis Diener, Reece Gaines, 75-feet, Vitale, home-court winning streak, Ellis Myles, Tom Crean, "he's faking," Diener screaming after free-throws, Dameon Mason, 47 points, Francisco Garcia, Taquan Dean, senior night, Steve Novak grab, no-call, T-Will, windmill dunk.

Well I think that about does it, enjoy the game folks.

I threw stuff

I jumped on people