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Brohm to Announce Tomorrow Morning

Enjoy the 24-hours of pacing.


University of Louisville junior quarterback Brian Brohm is expected to make an announcement on his future plans at a Monday morning news conference.

Monday is the deadline for underclassmen to apply for the NFL Draft.

Brohm hasn't said much publicly since he was named MVP of the Cardinals' 24-13 Orange Bowl victory over Wake Forest.

When the football team was honored at halftime of Saturday's basketball game against Providence, Brohm took the microphone but did not announce any intentions. But he did have complimentary things to say about new coach Steve Kragthorpe.

"When (athletic director) Tom Jurich met with us on Monday he told us he would get the coach that would lead us to where we wanted to go and take us to new heights ... try and get us to a national championship," Brohm said. "...We all think Tom has picked the right man for the job."

Brohm's brother, Jeff, was named assistant head coach and passing game coordinator on Saturday.

UPDATE: Press conference scheduled for 9 a.m. tomorrow.