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Pete Carroll is Paris Hilton With a National Championship Ring...and a Penis

Cardinal fans thought they'd heard some pretty awesome rumors over the last week or so, but then Peter had to go and put us all to shame.  

I won't stake my reputation on this, but I received a phone call this evening suggesting I make a few more phone calls on a certain subject and...

Well, it looks like Pete Carroll's days at USC may be numbered. According to the information I'm receiving, Carroll's wife caught him engaging in extramarital activities with a 23 year old co-ed and has demanded that Carroll get away from the SoCal party scene program. A departure to the NFL is reportedly in the works.

It's entirely possible that the information I've received is wrong, but I'm two steps up the ladder and have received the same information from both people I've talked to. The person I called with a follow up call reported remarkably similar information to the person that called me initially. I'm inclined to believe there's a story here, though I won't claim to have any details on how this has, or will, play out.

I don't think there's really anything else to add to that, except of course to mention that Pete delivers quick with the magic stick, tragedies subside when hunnies rub on it.