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'Bama Offers OC Position to Jeff Brohm

Current Louisville quarterbacks coach Jeff Brohm has been offered the offensive cooridnator job at Alabama by new head coach Nick Saban. Additional details are unavailable at this time.

Brohm, who decided to stay on at U of L as QB coach earlier this week despite not being offered the offensive coordinator position he desired, is seen by many to be a key factor in whether or not younger brother Brian decides to return to Louisville for his senior season. Many hoped that the elder Brohm would be offered the OC position if for no other reason than it would increase the likelihood of #12 staying one more year, but it's becoming more and more apparent that new head coach Steve Kragthorpe is determined to bring Charlie Stubbs, his offensive coordinator at Tulsa, with him to The Ville.

Brian has until Jan. 15 to make a decision and is expected to hold a press conference on Sunday, making this newest revelation all the more untimely.

More news on this as it unfolds.