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Rodriguez Staying at West Virginia

Holy shit:

"He's staying."

That's all Damien Crissey, offensive lineman for the University of West Virginia Mountaineers, said while making his way from the Milam-Puskar Center to the indoor practice facility on the WVU campus.

The Tuscaloosa News also confirmed from other sources outside of the West Viriginia community that Rich Rodriguez has rejected the University of Alabama's offer and will remain head coach at WVU.

"Coach Rodriguez addressed the team," said Mike Fargale, a representative for the WVU sports information department. "He is staying at West Virginia. There will be a press conference at 5:30 p.m. Eastern time."

Great news for West Virginia and the Big East, but more importantly a horribly embarrassing soldering iron to the face of Alabama.

Rich Rod still has some ties to mend in Morgantown, but with a New Year's Day bowl game and an extremely promising 2007 ahead, we doubt it will take all that long.

For the record, Big East: 2, Traditional "Powers": 0.

Good call Rich, although it's really not a difficult formula when you think about it...People Liking You and Being Happy>Lots of Losing and Death Threats.