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Orange You Glad Rutgers Lost?

Get used to it boys and girls, the orange jokes are going to be flying at you fast and furiously for the next 30 days.

So it's not Florida or Notre Dame or Middle Tennessee State (rematch apathy did them in), but it's the friggin Orange Bowl in friggin Miami against the friggin ACC champion. The money will obviously help, and playing on a night where we're the lone game in an area that has been vital to our program's rise to relative prominence is an added plus.

We're the champions of the Big East in the Big East's best year in quite some time, and we're about to play in a game that could set us up to be a top 10 or top 5 squad in 2007.

This is all right.

Obviously we'll have a great deal on Wake Forest in the coming weeks, but for those of you completely unfamiliar with Deacs, here's some basic info that we looked up because we don't know all that much about them either.

2006 results:

vs. Syracuse (Won 20-10)
vs. Duke (Won 14-13)
at Connecticut (Won 24-13)
at Mississippi (Won 27-3)
vs. Liberty (Won 34-14)
vs. Clemson (Lost 27-17)
at NC State (Won 25-23)
at North Carolina (Won 24-17)
vs. Boston College (Won 21-14)
at Florida State (Won 30-0)
vs. Virginia Tech (Lost 27-6)
at Maryland (Won 38-24)
vs. Georgia Tech (Won 9-6)

Common Opponents:

Uconn (Louisville won 48-17, WF won 24-13)
Syracuse (Louisville won 28-13, WF won 20-10)

National Rankings:

Total Offense: 98
Total Defense: 39
Turnover Margin: 5
Rushing Offense: 44
Passing Offense: 107
Rushing Defense: 22
Passing Defense: 24

Individual Leaders:

Freshman Riley Skinner stepped in after Ben Mauk went down in the season opener and has gone 150-of-227 for 1780 yards with 8 touchdowns and 4 picks.

Kelvin Harris, Kenneth Moore and De'Angelo Bryant share the rushing duties, but Moore has been the guy lately, going off for 177 yards against Maryland, and getting the majority of the carries Saturday in the ACC championship before being sidelined with an ankle injury.

Junior linebacker Jon Abbate leads the defense with 86 tackles, and has also intercepted four passes. Jyles Tucker leads the team in sacks with six.