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Cards Arrive in Miami

Insert corny one-line team arrival story lede here.

The Louisville Cardinal football team arrived in Miami yesterday afternoon by way of the team charter, automobile, and the awe inspiring $400 milliion "Lou Groza One" in the case of one particular award winning player.

All players who were scheduled to take the flight from Louisville were present and accounted for.

The least expensive room available at the Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort where the players are staying is $439 a night, while the most expensive room where John L. Smith is currently staying is two hits an hour. We're aware that he could buy and sell us, but he got fired so it's funny...yes it is.

The players attended brief meetings and had a team dinner last night, and will hold their first official Orange Bowl practice this morning.

It's beginning to look a lot like whatever they call the day after New Year's Day.