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Jurich Gets a Raise, Contract Extension

For the record Tom Jurich gives us a raise and extension every day (ba doom chh).


University of Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich received a salary increase and a contract extension from the U of L Athletic Association Board of Directors Friday.

His base salary rises from $364,508 to $440,008, and his annual deferred compensation increases by $15,000 a year.

In addition, the board extended the rollover clause in his contract by two years. Under the old deal, his contract ran through 2016 and was automatically renewed every year until the age of 65. That is now extended to 67.

The raise and extension were recommended by U of L President James Ramsey, who said several schools had expressed an interest in talking with Jurich in recent years.

"Having Tom stay at U of L has been a high priority of mine," Ramsey said.

It must be so hard being James Ramsey what with facing thorny decisions like whether or not to give a raise to the coolest human being on the planet and all.

Tom Jurich makes Justin Timberlake look like Brian Ralph Johnson.

You wanna party?