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Did Vitale Have the Only Vote?

Now we don't harbor the same sentiments of ill will towards Coach K as say Bruins Nation, but we have to say that this is creeping dangerously close to perfect 10 status on the Re-fucking-diculous Scale.

Duke Sports Information:

Duke men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, who in 2006, the first year of a three year assignment to coach the USA Basketball Men's Senior National Team program, helped resurrect respect and pride in the USA Senior Team, was announced Tuesday as the 2006 recipient of USA Basketball's National Coach of the Year award. Krzyzewski piloted the U.S. Senior Men to a 2006 World Championship bronze medal and an overall record of 13-1.

"It is a tremendous accomplishment whenever you are chosen as a Coach of the Year by any organization," said Krzyzewski. "When it comes from USA Basketball, it is even more special. What could be more important than serving your country? I am honored to receive this award and need to thank the 2006 Senior National Team members, from the players to the coaches to the support staff, for all their hard work and dedication over the last year. This is a team accomplishment, not an individual one."

The 2006 Men's Senior National Team collected a 5-0 record in its pre-World Championship series of exhibition contests, and the USA Men's World Championship Team, comprised of 12 USA Senior National Team members, finished 8-1 at the 2006 FIBA World Championship, capturing the bronze medal.

"Mike did an outstanding job directing USA Basketball's 2006 Men's World Championship Team," said USA Basketball Executive Director Jim Tooley. "He has been involved with many USA Basketball teams throughout the years, and he always leaves an imprint of success. This year was no exception as he quickly created a team of which our country could be proud."

Selected by the USA Basketball Executive Committee as the recipient of the National Coach of the Year award, USA Basketball also nominated Krzyzewski for the U.S. Olympic Committee's 2006 National Coach of the Year award, which will be announced by the USOC at a later date in 2007.

"At the time we announced Coach K as the 2006-08 USA Basketball Senior National Team's head coach, I said that he was the `right man at the right time.' After watching him lead our team this summer I'm convinced of that more than ever," said Jerry Colangelo, Managing Director of the USA Basketball Men's Senior National Team program. "Mike is a born leader and the short time that he took to mold this team together is indicative of his outstanding leadership abilities."

Yes the same coach who led a team full of NBA superstars that embarrassed the country yet again by not winning gold in a sport it created, the same coach whose players remarked after their semi-final loss to Greece (Later dubbed 'Our Big Fat Greek Embarrassment') that they couldn't figure out how to defend THE PICK AND ROLL, yes this same coach who still somehow managed to "help resurrect respect and pride in the USA Senior Team" is now being honored as USA Basketball's 2006 National Coach of the Year.

The look of a champion...or a guy that just lost to Greece in basketball

This begs the question: Did the coaches of all of the other age levels get caught playing troop leader with their kids?

We're going to lay it out there right now, if we had coached that team we could have at least brought home the bronze. We'll take it a step further, you name us head coach of USA Basketball tomorrow and we guarantee that Kirk Hinrich's ass is leaving Beijing with a medal.

Hit the cell Colangelo.