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Gameday: Louisville (10-1, 5-1) vs. Connecticut (4-7, 1-5)

This one's for the seniors...juniors, sophomores, freshmen, coaches, and fans. And it's most definitely also for us.

These sons of bitches ruined our perfect prediction streak and then had the gall to never send Jim Calhoun to CC headquarters with a steak and DVD copy of the original Planet of the Apes as an olive branch. They then proceeded to wreak havoc on our otherwise stellar win/loss record for the remainder of the season. We want an Art Carmody touchdown pass late in the fourth up 60, we think we've earned that much.

Nothing matters if we don't handle business here. Let's get it done and then fly to Morgantown and massage Pat White's ankle.

Site: Papa John's Cardinal Stadium

Time/TV: Noon/ESPN (Yes Erin Andrews is in town and no she didn't totally shoot us down at O'Sheas last night.)

Favorite: Louisville by 28

Series: Louisville leads 2-0.

Last meeting: Louisville won 30-20 in Storrs on Dec. 3 of last year.

Game will be a success if: A West Virginia win tonight means an outright conference championship. Nobody suffers an injury that affects their 2007 status. Art impresses some Groza voters.

Game will be a horrible, horrible failure if: We don't even get the chance to bitch about being screwed over tomorrow night (in the event of a Rutgers win). The bad guys win the final battle in the Husky Football/Card Cronicle War of 2006.

Freakishly cool game fact: Louisville has played just two games in its history on December 2 and have lost both of the them.The Cardinals fell 24-13 to Syracuse in Tokyo in 1989 and 35-23 to Tulsa in 1967.

Game attire: Honestly, it's a game time decision. We flipped the script and went with grey final four last weekend, and it worked pretty well. We'll keep you updated.

Anxiety level: 3.3. Thank God we don't have any actual effect on the game, because we'd be lying if we said we weren't already thinking about WVU/Rutgers.

Player of the game: Let's hope it's a senior. We'll say Kolby Smith.

Pregame quote to make you hope we Spurrier it up: "Say what you want but if Adolf Hitler were alive today, he'd have my vote for whatever government position he chose to pursue."---Connecticut head coach Randy Edsall in the fall 2003 edition of Hitler Magazine.

Official CC Prediction: Perhaps a few antsy moments early, but no way the home winning streak ends today....Louisville 41, Uconn 17

Go Cards