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Overdue Links

We're writing this as the sound of tightly bound leather clanging off of iron continues to dominate our ears.

Lexington Herald Leader columnist (and blogger) John Clay was kind enough to invite us over for a virtual sit down on Friday to talk about the game. And if you can't make it to question #5, in which we're asked to make a prediction, that'd be OK with us.  

Thanks again to John Clay, who we still believe is the best thing to come out of Lexington since Seattle Slew.

About a week and a half ago we told you about the Blogger Awards (still working on our nominations), well we received our first nomination the other day, and it came from a pretty well-respected source. Brian Cook, the mastermind behind the BlogPoll, nominated CC in the "Best New Blog" category due in large part to the now infamous saga of the ill-advised haircut.

Yes a self-inflicted punishment was instituted, and no it's not fit for virtual print.

Again, the nomination process is open to everyone, so feel free to go here and nominate "Penis McPenison," or something along those lines, for every award.

A stellar, albeit humble, trio of bloggers participated in the Big East Football Postseason Blog Honors voting organized by Chas Rich. Bobby Petrino finished third in Best Coaching Performance, Art Carmody deservedly won Special Teams Player of the Year, and the Cards were tabbed as the far too early team to beat in 2007.

And if you weren't at Freedom Hall yesterday, you probably didn't hear the loudest cheers of the game which of course occurred when the football team was introduced. Luckily YouTube is here to save the day again...

Peace, love, Cards.