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Snead Not Headed to Louisville

One of, if not the, most highly recruited quarterbacks of 2005 has officially ruled out transferring to Louisville.

According to the Star-Telegram, Javan Snead, who spent the past season backing up Colt McCoy in Austin, has narrowed his choices to TCU, Ole Miss and Houston.  He had originally scheduled a visit to Lousiville for this weekend, but apparently that's not going to happen.  

Snead initially had interest in Louisville, but the Cardinals have received commitments from two quarterbacks. One is Matt Simms, brother of former Texas quarterback Chris Simms and son of former Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms.

"I think they are happy with him, and I don't want to get in a situation like that," Snead said.

To be honest, we're disappointed. The word coming out of Joisey was that if Snead did choose Louisville, that young Simms would de-commit and begin to look elsewhere. Given Phil's boy's funky throwing motion and some of his antics this season, we were kind of thinking this would be a good trade.

Regardless, barring injury there's no way anyone not named Brian Brohm or Hunter Cantwell starts a game at quarterback for the next two years, which means young Matthew will have ample time to either get his act together or hit the road.

Best of luck to you Jevan Snead, and if you have a change of heart we'd be cool with that too.