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Quick Slants: 12/12/06

--The first annual College Football Blogger Awards is officially a go, and all the details can now be found over at Rocky Top Talk. We'll be handing out nominations for each of the 22 awards (jesus), and encourage both of you to do the same as the nomination process is open to any and all readers.

--Louisville dropped from seventh to eighth in the Big East Basketball Report's weekly power poll.

--Adrian Wojnarowski (pronounced: Jackson) discusses all the problems that lie ahead for Randolph "The Prodigal Son" Morris whenever he chooses envoke his NBA Draft mulligan.

--Black Shoe Diaries has a pretty sweet Bowl Game Pick 'Em contest that some of you might enjoy. We won't give too much away, but play money is involved.

--EDSB recaps the Heisman Trophy ceremony which, unbeknownst to us, lasted until early Monday morning.

--John Radcliff reports that since Rich Rod made the announcement that he would not be taking the Alabama job, the recruits have started rolling in for the Mountaineers.

--And lastly, check out Deadspin for a pair of amazing highlights from Texas high school running back Sam McGuffie who puts fictional Boobie Miles to shame.

Peace, love, Cards.