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Gameday: Louisville (8-0) at Rutgers (8-0)

Whatever happens tonight this has been exciting. Here's to at least one more week of giddiness.

We want focus, we want intensity, and we want to smack the doubters in the face.

Site: Rutgers Stadium; New Brunswick, NJ

Time/TV: 7:30/ESPN

Favorite: Louisville by 7

Series: Rutgers leads 4-1

Last three meetings:
RU 38, U of L 21 (1984)
RU 41, U of L 0 (1986)
U of L 56, RU 5 (2005)

Defining numbers:
Rutgers is 0-7 all-time at home against top 10 opponents.
Louisville is looking to be the first team in 62 years to beat consecutive unbeaten opponents in November.
The Cardinals have never been 9-0.

Game will be a success if: The dream lives on.

Game will be a horrible, horrible failure if: We spend the night huddled in a corner saying the name Ray Rice over and over.

Game attire: After single handedly guiding the team to victory by coming to the stunning second-half realization that the defense was unstoppable when we put on our long sleeve black shirt over our "cardinals rule" white shirt, and the offense was unstoppable when we took it off, we're going back to the standard white "cardinals rule" over the red "got pitino." Don't think we're too proud to make mid-game adjustments though.

Anxiety level: 8.1. We're calm, a little too calm. It's kind of making us worried. The anxiety level would actually be a bit lower if it weren't for the haircut debacle.

Pregame meal: Hamsteak. Not sure what this symbolizes, but it's good ettin'.

Biggest matchup: Mike Teel vs. Mike Teel. Louisville is going to score, and Ray Rice is going to produce, Teel is the biggest enigma in this game. If he can get over whatever mental block he's had for the last year or so and come up with a big game, the Scarlet Knights could shock the world.

Predicted star of the game: Brian Brohm. It's too late for Brain to have any realistic shot at the Heisman, but a second monster game in a row in front of a national audience could at least give him a shot to make the trip to New York.

Pregame quote to make you hope we Spurrier it up: Does the fact that Greg Schiano is a complete and utter dick work? Don't forget this is the same guy who refused to make his team stop warming up when the NAVAL ACADEMY was holding a moment of silence. We really don't like this guy, and in turn we really don't like Rutgers. Also they stomped on the bird last year.

Official CC Prediction: Rutgers scores first, the crowd explodes, and the first-half is tense. But the Cardinals have owned the third quarter and will do so again. Louisville rolls and the rest of the country prepares to talk about how bad Rutgers is.

Louisville 35, Rutgers 17

Go Cards!!!!!!!!!!!