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What To Read While Sulking Over Your Failed Write-In Campaign For County Commissioner

Burnt Orange Nation's Peter Bean was kind enough to invite us over for a Q&A session so we could shed some light on the enigma that is Louisville Cardinal football for Texas Longhorn fans just dying to know more. Doesn't look like we helped all that much.

With all the ill will expressed towards the Cardinals since last Thursday's big win, we were shocked to see that U of L is currently the top ranked team in's college football fan poll. You see that Corso? Number one. Digest that you sideshow clown.

Pat Forde rules, Gene Wojciechowski sucks.  Mark Schlabach rules, John Tamanaha sucks. Mike Freeman will be getting the Jacob Messer treatment at a later date.

The newfound success at Rutgers has inspired a new blog dedicated to the Scarlet Knights.

Art Carmody and Brian Brohm (appropriate order) were honored as this week's Big East special teams and offensive players of the week respectively. It was the second time each had received the honor this season. Additionally Brohm is one of 18 semifinalists for the Davey O'Brien Quarterback Award.

SMQ joins the Louisville debate and does so with the style only SMQ could bring to the table.

No one person has redeemed themselves more over the past four months than Skip Bayless. The guy we once would have given our Randall Cunningham bed buddy to punch in the face will now be an honored guest at the first annual Card Chronicle Awards Extravaganza this March (held at Gattiland). The other guy, who we're pretty sure is not Woody Paige, won't.

Peace, love, Cards.