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Ditching the Pigskin for the Breeder's Cup

More times than we could possibly remember we've found ourselves trying in vein to explain to somebody not blessed to call the state of Kentucky their home about our love of thoroughbred racing. We've come to the conclusion that it's not possible. If you're reading this and you've never lived in the commonwealth, there's probably a good chance you just can't understand how anyone could possibly care about this horribly dated sport. You know what, we don't blame you.

If we had been raised anywhere else, we could see ourselves being among the biggest critics of "the sport of kings" around. But we were born and brought up in the home of the Kentucky Derby which meant that at birth we were immediately implanted with a chip allowing us to automatically know that Affirmed in 1978 is the last horse to win the Triple Crown, Secretariat is the only colt to run a sub-two minute Derby (Monarchos in 2001 was a joke), and Pat Day owns Churchill Downs.

So it is with a smile on our face that we will spend our Saturday getting dressed up and heading down to Central Avenue to take in the renowned Breeder's Cup at the most famous race track in the world with some great friends (and one that we're not so crazy about). Couple this with the win on Thursday and this has been quite an immaculate stretch for us. We will miss football, and all the money we brought to the track with us, but the chance to see Bernardini (Spectacular Bid reincarnated) and Lava Man duke it out is just too good to even think about passing up.

Nary a Breeder's Cup passes that we, and we're sure many of you as well, don't think about Arazi. We can still remember exactly where we were when we witnessed one of the most spectacular moments in racing history. We've never seen a horse fire like that, and to this day when a horse makes a sweeping move on the far turn, many racetrackers will use the phrase "He just pulled an Arazi."

Arazi could beat you in a race

We really can't watch this video  enough, it's our '73 Belmont. Enjoy the track or the football boys and girls.