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Georgetown Loses Again, Might Suck More Than Once Thought

We're officially one Pitt loss away from the first "Big East is down" column of the college basketball season.

Our preseason pick for national champion Hoyas dropped their second home game in as many weeks, this time earning the dubious distinction of being the first ranked East Coast team to lose to the Ducks at home.

We didn't see any of the game (Although we did see UNC/Ohio State...holy shit), but it sure sounds like Oregon wasn't even all that impressive. They shot just 38.9% from the field, 52.6% from the stripe, and hit just 5-of-22 from beyond the arc. Georgetown went on a 10-0 run in the first half which is extremely unimpressive when considering the Ducks didn't score a point for nine minutes in this stretch.

One of these players is thinking about winning a basketball game,
the other is thinking about Cheetos. Try to figure out which is which.

Perhaps more disconcerning for Hoya fans than any of these stats is the fact that Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert took just 11 shots combined against a much smaller U of O front line they seemingly should have dominated. Both players were considered potential conference players of the year in the preseason, but Green has been consistently passive and Hibbert appears to have refused to shed the clumsiness around the rim that plagued the early portion of his sophomore season.

The Hoyas were the apple of our eye before the season tipped off, so we gave them a pass on the Old Dominion fiasco, but this performance begs the question: "How in the world can a team nearly identical to the one that was a fluke Corey Brewer shot away from beating the eventual national champs last March, possibly be this unimpressive in November?"

Mr. Thompson III, your take?

"Our offense was not good, and it hasn't been. We have to figure it out. We're tentative. We're not sure where we're going, what we're doing."


We can't be sure but if we had to pinpoint the exact date the Hoyas will put it all together and start playing up to their potential, we'd say right around February 7.