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The Day After The End......Game

Anyone else catch The OC premier last night? It wasn't bad. Still can't believe Ryan moved away and is fighting people for money now. Oh well, it made for a relaxing night.

In other news, Louisville is the third ranked team in the football.

The response from the talking heads and fans of one-loss teams everywhere has been predictable. No specific examples needed, we've all heard a variety of the same thing. The offenses are great but the defenses were exposed, 1008 total yards? I mean come on.

Of course in last year's game of the century (Texas' 41-38 win over USC in the Rose Bowl) there was one more point, and 122 more total yards, but whatever. We know, we know, that was different, those teams didn't play in the Big East. Those teams had two unstoppable offenses that couldn't be slowed down by ANY defenses, even the great ones that both teams had. Completely different.

God those one-loss teams would kill us. Did you see Tennessee take out Air Force? And sure Texas gave up over 550 yards passing to Texas Tech, but that's just a great offense, even a fantastic defense like the Longhorns' sometimes can't slow down a passing scheme like that. Texas, Auburn or Florida really should be #3, I mean Louisville only beat Cincinnati by six, Cincinnati for christ sakes, at least when Auburn beats teams by six it's against Ole Miss, who in case you didn't know, plays in the SEC.

We guess what we're getting at here is, well, shut the fuck up. We know you love your team, but please come to terms with the fact that right now it's Ohio State and everybody else. Your team lost, if they hadn't then maybe you'd be right there with them.

Is there a chance that Louisville isn't one of the best three teams in the country? Sure. Is there a chance that they are? Totally. Have they beaten everybody they've played thus making their number three ranking deserved? You bet.

Here's what we want all of you to do: Take everything you saw last night, and now imagine that the name on the jerseys of one team is Michigan, and now imagine that the name on the other jerseys is Ohio State. Now think about what the folks back in the studio are talking about after the game.

Programs getting preferential treatment becuase of what men who played for the same school did 20 and 30 years ago is part of what is holding college football back. If you truly believe that your team would beat Louisville that's fine, but don't say that what we've done on the field doesn't warrant our newly found status.

As we hop off the proverbial soap box we'd like to apologize for the lack of immediate coverage of the greatest win in Louisville football history, but we've been running around trying to get things together so we can wacth mammals run around a track while other mammals ride on top of them tomorrow. It's gonna be awesome.

We should be able to get some stuff up tonight once things settle down, but in the meantime Joel from Rocky Top Talk has a pretty cool animated drive chart from last night's game that we think will keep you entertained.

Peace, love, Cards.