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BlogPoll: Week 13 Ballot

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal 2
3 Michigan 1
4 Arkansas 1
5 Florida 1
6 West Virginia 3
7 Louisville 1
8 Notre Dame 2
9 Texas 2
10 LSU 3
11 Wisconsin 2
12 Oklahoma 5
13 Rutgers 10
14 Auburn --
15 Georgia Tech 10
16 Virginia Tech 4
17 Boise State 2
18 Brigham Young 1
19 Wake Forest 7
20 Boston College 3
21 Hawaii 3
22 Tennessee --
23 Nebraska 2
24 California 8
25 Maryland 7

Dropped Out:

Half-baked reasonings:

  1. Ohio State: There was not one moment on Saturday where we thought, "they're going to lose this game."
  2. USC: We're firm believers that there's no such thing as a good loss, but lord these guys have looked good since the Oregon State debacle.
  3. Michigan: We'll use the words of Michigan's finest blogger Brian Cook: "Please note Secret Axiom Of Football #27: "If it ends with an unrecovered onside kick, it wasn't that close."
  4. Arkansas: First week of the season + only loss= playoff playoff playoff.
  5. Florida: Playing Western Carolina on the same day the "Game of the Century" took place made the fact that you scheduled the Catamounts look even worse.
  6. West Virginia: Even though the Mountaineers trouncing of Rutgers hasn't actually taken place yet, we decided to go ahead and prematurely evolve to the place where we rank the three BE teams based on who we think is the best and throw the head-to-head, homefield advantage, MOV stuff out the window. West Virginia is the best team in the Big East.
  7. Louisville: CC: "You're not goin for good are ya honey? Baby please don't go."
    --Louisville loses to Rutgers.
    CC: "Good! Get the hell out of my life! Beat it! Leave me alone!"
    --Louisville beats USF and Cincy beats Rutgers
    CC: "I'm sorry baby I didn't mean that either. I just yell sometimes, because I get so scared. Scared of being a nobody. Why don't ya just come back up stairs honey?"
  8. Notre Dame: Beat USC and we'll have a serious dialogue.
  9. Texas: Texas/Texas A&M on the day after Thanksgiving is always one of our favorite games of the year. Glad to hear Colt McCoy should be good to go.  
  10. LSU: One day they'll realize that they could have won a national championship.
  11. Wisconsin: Not sure where they'll be bowling, but rest assured the game will be at noon and Pam Ward will be there.
  12. Oklahoma: Surprised we haven't heard more "The Oregon game didn't count so we deserve to be in the BCS" talk.
  13. Rutgers: Dayum.
  14. Auburn: We have absolutely no way of backing up this claim, but their bowl game is going to be boring.
  15. Georgia Tech: Perhaps you'd like to join us for a drink in Miami?
  16. Virginia Tech: Probably playing better than anyone else in the ACC right now, which is like saying Lyle is doing the best of the Menendez brothers.
  17. Boise State: One more win and you're going to piss off a lot of Texans.
  18. BYU: The Las Vegas Bowl? God what incentive does any team with a realistic shot of going undefeated have to schedule good teams from power conferences if the alternative to a BCS game is this?
  19. Wake Forest: Must tame the Turtle for a shot at further humiliating the BCS.
  20. Boston College: Hoping the above does not happen.
  21. Hawaii: The Bows (we will never refer to them as the Warriors) are 1st in scoring, and conversely 110th in time of possession.
  22. Tennessee: Phil is one loss to Kentucky away from being no better off than he was before the season started.
  23. Nebraska: We've become less thrilled about the Nebraska/Colorado day after Thanksgiving games in recent years.
  24. California: Is USC's defense that good or were you guys just wearing your Tennessee game faces?
  25. Maryland: Gets the nod over Clemson for the last spot because of owning the head-to-head victory.