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Gameday: Louisvile vs. South Florida

Time to see how much fight these guys have in them.

Site: Papa John's Cardinal Stadium

Time/TV: 7:30/ESPNU

Favorite: Louisville by 17

Series: South Florida leads 2-1

Game will be a sucess if: Hope for a BCS bowl lingers on. We avenge last year's monstrosity.

Game will be a horrible, horrible failure if: We look like our season ended last Thursday. Grothe goes nuts. Brohm doesn't rebound.

Game Attire: Long sleeve red with "Louisville Cardinals" in white on the chest and left sleeve. Yes, we took it there.

Anxiety level: 5.8. USF is worse away from home than we are, and have a history of being unable to perform in cold weather. If we can't win this one, it may be time to start learning all the words to "O Canada."

Pregame meal: Papa John's. We're going back to the well.

Star of the game: Amobi Okoye. Naturally.

Pregame quote to make you hope we Spurrier it up: USF WR Taurus Johnson talking about what will happen if the Bulls get off to a good start: "Louisville should fold. The crowd won't be an issue at all."

Official CC Prediction: It's not as pretty as it looks but who cares...

Louisville 31, South Florida 14

Go Cards