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"Judgment Day" (ugh) Coverage

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The time for the hype to end has almost come. It's Michigan, it's Ohio State, it's the battle to see who gets to wait the better part of two months to play their next game.

Just in case you're into this whole 1 vs. 2 deal (Uh Notre Dame/Army is on at the same time people) we've compiled some of the best coverage of the big game on the web to make sure you know the name of Lamar Woodley's third-grade teacher by kickoff.

--If you're into stats and charts and numbers and analysis, then BON's "Under the Hood" post has everything you need to know.

--Mgoblog breaks down their bitter rival by examining tape of the OSU/Iowa and OSU/Texas games. They also believe, as we do, that Mike Hart can run on this Buckeye defense. has gone into overload mode, offering not only the obvious coverage of Troy Smith and Michigan's brutal defensive front, but matchup breakdowns including Mario Manningham vs. Ted Ginn and Anotonio Pittman vs. Mike Hart. The world wide leader's world wide website has at least 79 other articles that at least mention the game that we didn't link to.

--CSTV has been hosting a Battle of the Blogs all week which has involved blogs from each school arguing over a new topic each day. Today's BOTB entails Men of Scarlet and Gray and Maize and Brew going at it over who wins the battle between Ohio State's offense and Michigan's defense.

--How do you know when you have a monster game on your hands? When friggin' Nickelback can't get tickets.

--The always insightful SMQ gives detailed reasons why Ohio State will win, and then gives Michigan the same treatment.

--The M Zone gives us all we need to know about Ohio State the school, and also breaks down the difference between tOSU and UM based on their university websites.

--Fox Sports gets ballsy and predicts a 17-16 victory for Meechigan.

--I Blog For Cookies also takes an in-depth look at the game based on these so-called "statistics."

--John Porentas of the O-Zone offers up an ode to the man who single-handedly brought the sweater vest back.

--Lastly, the always exciting (sarcasm) CBS Sportsline hits us with the history of 1 vs. 2 games.