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BlogPoll: Week 12 Ballot

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 Rutgers 11
4 Southern Cal 3
5 Arkansas 4
6 Florida --
7 LSU 4
8 Louisville 5
9 West Virginia 1
10 Notre Dame 3
11 Texas 6
12 Wake Forest 5
13 Wisconsin 3
14 Auburn 10
15 Boise State --
16 California 8
17 Oklahoma 1
18 Maryland 3
19 Brigham Young 4
20 Virginia Tech 2
21 Nebraska 5
22 Tennessee 10
23 Boston College 3
24 Hawaii 2
25 Georgia Tech 1
Dropped Out: Oregon (#19), Texas A&M (#20), Oregon State (#25).

1. Ohio State: You have really annoying fans.

2. Michigan: Can we stop after this?

3. Rutgers: If the Scarlet Knights had been ranked 10th at the beginning of the season and had played the exact same schedule with the exact same results, they would be right here. We think this quote from Carolina March sums it up best: "The polls aren't about ranking the best teams. They are about not admitting how poorly selected the original pre-season rankings were."

4. USC: The Trojans could be playing for at least a share of the national championship for the fourth straight year. Amazingly with all the hoopla surrounding Ohio State/Michigan, this story is getting little attention.

5. Arkansas: Even if it was the season opener, we have issues with putting a one-loss team ahead of another one-loss team that beat them by 36.

6. Florida: What is the obsession with this team? Are we missing something? Why is a schedule that includes non-conference games against Western Carolina, Southern Miss, Central Florida, and Florida State, considered so amazing? Aside from a 13-point win at home over LSU, this team has done nothing to warrant all this praise.

7. LSU: Getting jobbed at Auburn really hurts right now.

8. Louisville: Damnit.

9. West Virginia: Rutgers stumbles and this entire trio drops.

10. Notre Dame: We really want to know how high Charlie Weis is voting the Irish each week. Who wants to bet that it's not higher than their average ranking?

11. Texas: Solid chance they win if Colt McCoy doesn't get hurt, but 45 points to Kansas State? Issues.

12. Wake Forest: All this without their starting quarterback. Well played gents.

13. Wisconsin: Seriously. Every week. Noon. ESPN or ESPN2. It's ridiculous.

14. Auburn: We watched the game this weekend; wow, Brandon Cox is a dick.

15. Boise State: Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Ian Johnson.

16. California: Thanks for playing along. Now beat USC.

17. Oklahoma: Paul Thompson deserves more pub.

18. Maryland: The glory of our win over Miami is officially gone.

19. BYU: Killin peeps.

20. Virginia Tech: We miss Vinnie Burns.

21. Nebraska: Nice win. Didn't see it. Heard it was good.

22. Tennessee: Can Phillip Fulmer really get himself back on the hot seat? Kentucky's playing pretty well.

23. Boston College: The Wisconsin of the northeast.

24. Hawaii: Drop 'bows on 'em.

25. Georgia Tech: You put us at quarterback and we'll get an offense with Calvin Johnson in the endzone more than once.