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What to Read While Trying to Forget About the Chick Who Had No Business in the School Girl Costume

Has anyone else noticed that our poll keeps adding up to 99%? Well it is, and it's bugging us.

John Radcliff, of Mountainlair fame, was kind enough to ask us to participate in a Q&A regarding Thursday's big game. You can check out our responses here.

Also be sure to check out Radcliff's AOL Fanhouse for all your Mountaineer needs. Especially noteworthy is this story about workers at a warehouse in West Virginia decking out packages headed to Louisville with blue and gold and the Mountaineer logo.

Apparently Louisville has a basketball team and they're playing tonight. Unfortunately for Pitino's boys we think Louisville fans may have bigger things on their minds..."Lost" and "Dancing With the Stars."

Even the New York Times has Clash in the Commonwealth fever. The Times takes a look at the game with this piece by Thayer (you know how I know...) Evans which includes ESPN vice-president for programming Dave Brown saying this is the biggest Thursday night contest since the network started showing games in 1987.

Eric Crawford continues to impress with this column focusing on the opportunity Brain Brohm has to vault himself into Louisville legend status on Thursday.

For the University of Louisville junior quarterback, tomorrow night's game against West Virginia is a high-definition, widescreen moment.

Brohm has been rehearsing for this show his whole life.

In fact, for this lifelong Louisvillian, it's a lot like Derby Day -- a one-time deal. Brohm may go on to play in bigger games than this one. He may win bigger ones, even for the Cardinals. But he will never have another chance at a game this big in his hometown.  

We suppose there's no real reason to link to a Courier story since you either a)  Read the Courier in print every morning b)  Are kind of mad at the Courier so you don't pay and read the online version every morning or c) Don't read either because of an unparalleled hatred of the Courier. We're going to keep doing it anyway because it makes you mad, and that makes us happy because we weren't spanked as a child which resulted in the uncontrollable crazy bad ass we've become.

Pat Forde, who earlier in the week predicted a West Virginia win over Louisville, claims in his latest "Forde-Yard Dash" that the contest between the Cards and 'eers is the second best remaining in the college football season. The Nov. 9 meeting between Louisville and Rutgers is fourth. UAB vs. Tulane is first.

Louisville remains a one-point favorite for Thursday's showdown, although people who have donated a lot of money to Vegas will tell you that the home team usually atumoatically receives three points. So there's that.

Joe Starkey of covers just about everything there is in regards to the big game, and then Ivan Maisel then chimes in with his two cents.

Also be sure to vote in ESPN's Sports Nation Poll which asks 10 questions pertaining to tomorrow's game. Cards could use some more lovin.

Have we mentioned that everyone is supposed to wear black tomorrow? Everyone is supposed to wear black tomorrow.

Finally it's time for motivational video two, Rich Rod's speech after West Virginia's triumph over Louisville a year ago. Apparently we lost because we don't have as much heart.

Good lord we're nervous.

Peace, love, Cards.