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Brohm Throws, Could Play Saturday


University of Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm threw a football Monday morning for the first time since undergoing surgery three weeks ago to repair ligament damage to his right thumb and could see action as early as this weekend.

"I can play, it's just a matter of what's in the best interest of the team," Brohm said early Monday afternoon. "I could probably play a game right now, but it wouldn't be the normal Brian Brohm you're used to seeing out there."

Coach Bobby Petrino said Brohm would throw again Monday afternoon, including some passes to receivers running routes, with trainers watching his progress. If Brohm feels good afterward, Petrino said, he might play in Saturday's home game against Cincinnati.

Petrino said coaches also want to see how well Brohm, who will play with a splint to protect the thumb, can take a snap under center.

Initial reaction is that Saturday seems a bit early, but as with all things (work, school, relationship issues) we put our faith in Bobby Petrino.

Best case scenario is Cantwell starts against Cincinnati and builds a comfortable enough lead where Brohm can come in and play three or four series' with the first team sometime early in the second half. If that goes well enough, then Brian starts against Syracuse and then gets a week and a half to prepare for that little game on Nov. 2.

We love Hunter and can't thank him enough for staying put and preserving hope of a national championship, but this is Brian Brohm's team, and Brian Brohm's team can't beat West Virginia without Brian Brohm. For this reason, Cincinnati may have just become the most important game of the season.