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Quick Thoughts: Louisville 44, Middle Tennessee State 17

We're just going to call this a throw away game.

If the outcome of football games were determined strictly by preparation, intensity and effort, then the Blue Raiders would have prevailed Friday night. Unfortunately for Middle Tennessee State talent is also involved, and superior talent (namely in the form of Mario Urrutia) is the reason Louisville is still undefeated.

The situation at Louisville is comparable to a baseball tournament where the manager gambles that he can save his ace for the championship game and puts his faith in the belief that his team is good enough to win the games leading up with their #2 and 3 guys. Petrino isn't going to open up the playbook before West Virginia, and he's going to gamble that we can win without doing anything overly special. Get used to the "if you're going to give us six or seven yards a play, then we're going to take six or seven yards a play" offense, because it's here to stay for another two weeks.

We said all week that it would be closer than people thought early and that Louisville fans would be unjustifiably upset afterwards. The game didn't surprise us, and unlike Rick Bozich (who is apparently obsessed with this game), we still think Louisville is a top 10 team.

Other initial thoughts without having watched the game again:

--We're officially done backing Pat Carter. Don't care if you have to make JaJuan Spillman catch nothing but punts for three hours everyday, get him ready and get him back there.

--Our offensive line isn't as good as we thought it was.

--There's no doubt that Petrino is an offensive genius, but at least twice a game he needs to put the fancy stuff on hold and simply throw the ball up to #7.

--Art Carmody rocks.

--Todd Flannery needs to kick the ball in the endzone every time because our coverage team blows.

--Nate Harris didn't come to play.

--Hunter Cantwell is not Brian Brohm and anyone who still thinks otherwise is not a smart person.

--Hunter Cantwell is a solid quarterback.

--It's time to start using Anthony Allen when the game is still on the line.

--We're very happy that Harry Douglass is only a junior.

--Art Carmody rocks.

Peace, love, Cards.