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Gameday: Louisville vs. Middle Tennessee State

Coming to you live from Louisville Jr., it's Card Chronicle. Yes we'll be taking in tonight's game from Lessington, but we'll be doing so with several of our favorite Card fans from all over the midwest. Needless to say this should be a shit show of epic proportions where a somewhat forceful Malik Jackson hit after a three-yard gain will elicit a plethora of shouting and lots and lots of violent hand slapping.

We're looking forward to it.

Site: LP Field; Nashville,TN

Time/TV:: 8:00/ESPN2

Favorite: Louisville by 30

Series: First Meeting

Numbers: Louisville looking to go 5-0 for the first time since 1993 and for the first time under Bobby Petrino.

Middle Tennessee State looking for its first win (0-10) over a top 25 opponent since moving to D-1A in 1999.

UL      Category            MTSU
44     Avg. pts scored      19.2
10.2   Avg. pts allowed     17.8
249.5. Avg. yards rushing   121
273.5  Avg. yards passing   130.6
52.5   Opp. yards rushing   94.4
217.2  Opp. yards passing   149.8
+1     Turnover margin       +1

Game will be a success if: It's over at halftime. Hunter Cantwell continues to look solid. Pat Carter gets some reps at QB and looks up to the task. Carter returns a punt for more than 20 yards. Kolby Smith does a better job of finding and hitting holes. Defense doesn't give up any plays of 30-yards or more and turns the Blue Raiders over at least twice. No personal foul penalties (we're looking at you Will).

Game will be a horrible, horrible failure if: We win by less than 14 or the unspeakable happens. Hunter throws more than one pick. Carter muffs a punt. Offense scores less than 40 points. Smith and Stripling are unimpressive. The team plays with a noticeable lack of passion.

Game Attire: Red "Got Pitino" underneath white "Cardinals Rule" keeps rolling. Things go especially well tonight and we might take the outfit to the town.

Pre-game meal: Beer.

Anxiety level (1-10)): 3. We're hoping we'll be able to at least fake being social for a little bit so let's hope we come to play in the first half so we can at least humor the female crowd by half-acknowledging their non-football comments during half number two.

Poll Results: We're gonna leave this one up for a bit and see how things go after another game.

Annoying phrase you'll hear all day if you're watching the game on tv: "Beasts of the Big East." Not sure why, but we're expecting to hear this phrase at least once tonight.

Star of the game: Pat Carter. Would be great to see him step up in a game where the potential is there for him to pimp his talents.

Pregame Quote to Make You Hope We Spurrier it Up: This guy from the MTSU fan board:

"Games like this are deadly to Louisville's season. They have lost to a weaker South Florida team not once, but twice in the past three years because they went into those games thinking they didn't have to show up to win. The Blue Raiders are talking about this game and how bad they want to show the nation how much heart they have to win. Middle Tennessee will show up primed and ready to stage the 2006 season's biggest upset.

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders 31

Louisville Cardinals 21"

Yeah, anyway...

CC Prediction: Louisville 41, MTSU 10

Feel free to post any frantic venting or carefully crafted thoughts in the comments section before, during, or after tonight's contest.