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BlogPoll: Week Six

Lost in the hoopla of our big move was the fact that we never got the chance to go over our weekly top 25. So, yeah, we're gonna do that.

  1. Ohio State: Easiest choice since Jesse Ventura.
  2. Michigan: Lloyd Carr mouthed the F bomb in a close up last Saturday so the Wolverines get the nod this week.
  3. Southern Cal: Nice win in a tough environment. 2004 or 2005 USC would have won by at least three scores.
  4. Auburn: We're gonna need to see another "signature" victory before we jump won the you're number two bandwagon.
  5. Florida: This is looking more and more like a disaster waiting to happen.
  6. Louisville: Miami beats Houston by one and K-State falls by two scores to Baylor. Seriously, people, come on, don't ruin this for us.
  7. West Virginia: Never has a win from a compeltely different season benefitted one team's ranking so greatly.
  8. LSU: Still the best team in the SEC.
  9. Oregon: Have we mentioned we're sitting shotgun on the Ducks bandwagon? God Dennis Dixon is cool.
  10. Texas: Alright, Oklahoma. Now we're paying attention.
  11. Oklahoma: Ditto.
  12. Tennessee: Please get it over with and beat Georgia.
  13. Notre Dame: Good luck in your next six games, we won't be paying much attention.
  14. Georgia: Could probably play the Colts and the Holy Trinity 3rd and 4th grade "B" flag football team and they'd win both games by between one and five points.
  15. Georgia Tech: Clavin Johnson...still a better pro prospect than we are.
  16. Clemson: Orange and purple? Jesus christ.
  17. California: In late November the Bears are going to end up being that one team that everybody on ESPN will say "might be the favorite if there were a playoff because they're playing as well as anyone in the country right now."
  18. Boise State: No higher than 10 boys, we apologize in advance.
  19. Iowa: Biggest blown opportunity on a national stage since Chris Simms.
  20. Florida State: They kind of suck, but luckily for them whoever wins the ACC is going to be a team that kind of sucks.
  21. Nebraska: Iowa State fans trying to spark a rivalry with Nebraska is more pathetic than Bam Margera's life. We're right here Bam, bring it.
  22. TCU: Now do you see why you're not allowed out of the 20-25 range?
  23. Texas Tech: Don't feel like having to come up with an explanation for the ranking Team A ahead of Team B when both teams have one loss and Team B beat Team A argument.
  24. Washington: Ty Willingham still looks really cool when he holds up one finger after a touchdown.
  25. Rutgers: Ahh Rutgers, that wonderful Cinderella story. Until you actually watch a game and realize, "Wow, that Greg Schiano is kind of a dick."