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Caracter Will Play In Red-White Scrimmage Tonight

According to a post on Rick Pitino's website, freshman big man Derrick Caracter has made his weight requirement and will play in Louisville's Red-White Scrimmage tonight at 5 p.m. in Cardinal Arena. The post says that Caracter weighed in today at 275 lbs and has 10.8% body fat.

Pitino said earlier in the week that he expected  junior center David Padgett, who is still recovering from a knee injury, to play no more than five minutes. Senior guard Brandon Jenkins, who should return to practice sometime over the next two weeks, will not play.

The scrimmage was originally scheduled for Oct. 14, but was postponed because of the amount of injuries to various team members.

Louisville will play Georgetown (KY) at Freedom Hall this coming Wednesday in an exhibition game to (kind of) open the season.