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Chris Vaughn and Scott Long Arrested, Suspended

Awesome guys, just awesome. You're about to play (sparingly) in the biggest game you'll likely ever be a part of, meaning you might actually have the chance to do something big to make up for the fact that you haven't done jack shit all year, and instead you decide to shoot paintballs at people. You know there's all sorts of stuff to do on a Saturday night that doesn't fall under the category of assault. Reading, having friends over, TV, video games, masturbation, sleep. Any one of these would have been more productive and less likely to jeopardize your football career than the path you chose.

For our West Virginia readers we know what you're looking for, and here's all you have to know: No, they weren't very good.


Police arrested 22-year-old Chris Vaughn and 20-year-old Brandon "Scott" Long Saturday night after the team returned from New York. They were arrested outside the Haunted Hotel on Fourth and Heywood.

They're charged with second degree assault after allegedly shooting people with paint or pellet guns.  

Haunted Hotel officials tell us it happened outside the businesses as customers were coming and going, and that Vaughn and Long were shooting from a Jeep that was circling the area.

An officer working security at the Haunted Hotel helped make the arrests.

Vaughn is a sophomore wide receiver transfer from Notre Dame, while Long is a redshirt freshman wide receiver.  

With a big game coming up against West Virginia, this is the last thing team officials wanted to deal with.

Coach Bobby Petrino sent WAVE 3 this statement:

"We're aware of the situation. Chris Vaughn and Scott Long have been placed on investigative suspension immediately and will be disciplined internally. It's definitely something we don't condone in our program and I'm very disappointed. Both players know they made a mistake and their actions are not acceptable."

When you first hear that two players have been arrested, you automatically (and sadly) worry that it's drugs, alcohol, fighting or something else along these lines. While it is a tiny relief to hear that Tweedledee and Tweedledum were apprehended for doing something you'd expect from two picked on 12-year-olds, this isn't how adults act and the punishment should be relatively significant. The possiblity does exist that this could be the end of the road for Chris Vaughn, whose character was questioned at Notre Dame and who has likely been treading on thin ice since he got here.

Amazingly stupid and embarrassing, great work fellas.