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The Big East's Impressive First Half: A Requiem In One Part

We're just going to go with a simple list on this one:

--The New Big East finished the non-conference portion of its season with a combined 32-8 record. That's a winning percentage of .800, which shatters the previous conference record of .757, set in 2000 when the league was 28-9 against non-league opponents.

--That .800 winning percentage also means that the NBE is tied for the best non-conference winning percentage among all Division I-A conferences with the big bad SEC (28-7).

--The Big East went 11-7 (.611) against teams from other charter BCS conferences.

--The conference was 12-4 on the road.

--There are just seven remaining unbeatens in Division 1A, and three are members of the Big East. The only other conference with more than one is the Big Ten (Ohio State, Michigan).

--The Big East and the Big 12 are the only two conferences in the country to have four teams already bowl eligible.

--The Big East has three teams in the top 16 of the BCS rankings, and those same three teams are ranked in each of the three human polls.

--Rutgers (6-0) leads the nation in scoring defense, and ranks second in total defense.

--West Virginia (6-0) leads the nation in rushing offense.

--Louisville (6-0) ranks second in the nation in total offense.

--Pitt (6-1) and quarterback Tyler Palko lead the nation in passing efficiency.

--If you average the BCS computer ratings, the Big East stacks up as the third best conference in the land, above the Big Ten, Big 12, and ACC.

--The Big East is the home of one Arthur Carmody.

That is all.